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What I've Worked On

In the Court of the South Moon - Award Winning Short Film

One of my older works and the beginning of my pursuit in the world of animation, I spent 4 months developing and producing an original short film that went on to win grand prize at a local film festival in my area.  Story, to characters to even sound and voice acting, I was responsible for not only the entire production, but also the time management it took to make it happen by the deadline.

The Blind King -
Original Comics

Currently I am producing an independent comic titled "The Blind King."  An on going series written, inked, colored and lettered by me for the site.  I plan on releasing this comic in ten page increments over the course of five complete chapters.

Software Expertise

With over a decade in developing skills in a variety of software, I am comfortable with both familiar and unfamiliar programs.  Much of my time has been spent learning Clip Studio Paint, Toon Boom Harmony, and much of the Adobe Suite.  Aside from these, I have a natural inclination to pick up and learn new software, and this in and of itself has become second nature.


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Hello, my name is Andrew Clark...

otherwise known as The Animated Moon.  I am a story teller and animator working on several short term projects and with plans for long terms projects in the future.  I have created an award winning animated film.  While I am passionate enough with my own work to be virtually alone in my pursuits, I love working with others to create incredible works of art with a good story at the heart of them.  I have a thorough understanding of scheduling and planning as well as skills in both design and character driven writing.  If you would like, feel free to get into contact with me.